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I am liking the mood and the concept . Good Job! But a better definition of the elements in the scene will allow your piece achieve even better results. I am not able to judge to what surrounds the tree. Define the material and try meaning every bit of your drawing so things seem obvious and the viewer is directed to where you want the point of interest to be rather than wonder about the surrounding at first sight.
Happy Arting !

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miststrara responds:

Thanks for the response!
The tree is supposed to be in some sort of cave, or at least surrounded by a cliff, but rock texture is something I still struggle to get right...

I am loving the overall composition and the appeal of the painting as a whole. There is good sense of lighting , and a good mood to it. And i like the perspective as well along with the small indications and elements that are defining the scene.
Coming to the cons, as you have tried to implement depth of field in the setup , a better definition of what is to be focused and what is not needs some more attention. This can be achieved by knowing what all need sharp contrast and what do not. The sharp contrast on the branch in the upper left relative to the vegetals in the right is struggling to define space. Understand lighting more and implement it to spots that require attention.
Happy Arting !

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MacOFlannigan responds:

Wow, thank you for the guidance and praise. I feel like you've hit the problems on the head, similar to with what Kaolinn said, it was a problem I was blind to until you pointed it out to me. The hard part for me is knowing exactly what needs focus because the vast majority of my work (including this piece) is procedural where I have a rough idea of what it's supposed to be but as far as points of focus go... well they don't. But thank you for the pointers, I'm probably going to post up an edited version of this on my tumblr.
Thank you again, for the very concise response.

Good use of strokes and techniques. Good job!

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Damrock responds:

Thanks You!

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